Sunday, September 30, 2007

Links for applets on Concave Mirrors

Examples of Ray Diagrams:

Many thanks to the people who have submitted the links to applets on Concave Mirrors.
draw a picture and computer draws the mirror image (Submitted by Richard Sept 07)
his applet shows how the type of images that can be formed using a concave mirror (Submitted by Connor & Simon Sept 07)
A nice and simple applet, which allows you to move the object and track the light rays as they form an image in a concave mirror (Submitted by Conor & Cillian Sept 07)
Very nice link, which takes you to wikipedia and explains how concave mirrors work and also gives some very nice examples of ray tracing diagrams(Submitted by Adam Sept 07)
Gives some nice examples of concave mirrors(Submitted by Dylan Sept 07)


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